Kin Outreach


To offer student development and community engagement opportunities that deliver long term health and well-being to the UBC and Greater Vancouver community through Physical Activity programs supported by the expertise of the School of Kinesiology.



The School of Kinesiology’s Outreach Programs are a series of programs dedicated to community and student engagement.  The programs are overseen by an Advisory Board comprised of Kinesiology faculty members. Programs focus on evidenced-based practices that promote movement for all ages and ranges of abilities. Programs are run on a daily basis by School of Kinesiology students or alumni, as well as other UBC students, and under the supervision of two full-time Program Managers and support staff. Outreach Programs are currently focused on two areas:

UBC Active Kids 

UBC BodyWorks

Additionally, numerous special programs and projects, including research support for the School fo Kin, occur alongside Active Kids and BodyWorks.  All of the School’s Outreach Programs provide opportunities for Kinesiology students to gain hands-on professional development through volunteer and employment roles

The programs are designed to engage various communities, various partner organizations, and individuals across the lifespan in order to promote physical activity amongst all abilities in a non-competitive, positive, and fun atmosphere.  We strive to promote best practices and inspire adults, older adults, teens and children to find joy in movement, to promote health and wellbeing.